NASA to welcome 86 NSW Alliance students in Australia’s largest Space School expedition

26 June 2016

Facilitated by the Alliance, girls from nine NSW schools departed today, forming the largest group of Australian students ever to travel to the US to take part in the world renowned Houston Association for Space and Science Education (HASSE) Space School. The trip was organised in conjunction with iVicon Australia, the official partner of HASSE.

HASSE Space School International Study Program immerses students in the world’s most profound and impactful STEM environment – that of space exploration and science in conjunction with NASA.

NSW Alliance Executive and Principal of Domremy College in Five Dock, Vivienne Awad, said the trip would be a life-changing experience that empowers young women to embrace more technologically challenging careers in STEM.

‘Students these days need multi-disciplinary skills to navigate the fast-moving landscape of their future career pathways,’ said Ms Awad.

With 75 per cent of the fastest growing professions in Australia being STEM related, the Alliance understands the importance of these global programs for girls.

Statistics show that girls from girls’ schools are bucking the trend and are more likely to study STEM at school and pursue university studies and careers in STEM fields.

Charles Chung, Director of iVicon Australia, the exclusive Australasian partner for HASSE, said the Space S­chool delivers the ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime STEM experience in one of the worlds most inspiring organisations, NASA, and fosters a long-term interest in mathematics, science, teamwork, creativity, and technology.

‘In partnership with the Alliance, this expedition promotes true collaboration amongst the schools and directly aligns with our vision of empowering young women for changing times,’ he said.

Alliance schools across other states will be sending students to participate in the program later this year.