Becoming ICGS

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia has announced it will merge with the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools (ICGS).

Coming together as a single organisation for girls’ schools will create a powerful and unparalleled global collaboration. The merger will unite over 500 girls’ schools across 18 countries representing over 300,000 students. The significant synergies of a shared sense of identity, purpose and potential has the ability to set and deliver an ambitious agenda for girls’ schools.

In a joint statement Loren Bridge, Alliance Executive Officer and Megan Murphy, ICGS Executive Director said the proposed merger leverages substantial value for the schools, students and staff of both organisations.

“As our member schools educate girls to be the leaders of a more inclusive and sustainable world, our work must be more global in scope providing greater opportunities for girls’ schools around the world to connect, convene and collaborate.”

“Our common vision is to elevate women’s leadership worldwide by empowering and educating girls to be ethical, globally-minded changemakers.”

We understand members may have questions about the merger and what it means for girls’ schools in our region. Here Loren Bridge answers some of those questions alongside a planned merger timeline.


As organisations, the Alliance and ICGS are closely aligned — on mission and purpose; on values and guiding principles, and on the programs and services delivered to members. This alignment paves the way for a successful merger and is an extraordinary strategic opportunity.

  • Underpinned by years of successful collaborations including the Global Forum on Girls Education; Global Action Research Collaborative; Global Mentoring Program for Aspiring Leaders; students from ICGS schools have been attending the Alliance’s Student Leadership Conference for years.
  • Our programs and services both include research resources, advocacy materials, professional development, conferences and events. Some programs are so alike they share common names — podcasts (Educating Girls), online courses (An Introduction to Girls’ Schools).
  • Our member schools belong to a variety of important organisations, but none solely focused and dedicated to girls’ schools.
  • By coming together as a global organisation of girls’ schools, for girls’ schools we will have:
    • access to more programming and services — more PD, more global connections, exchanges and networking for the benefit of our students and staff
    • a stronger platform from which to advocate the case for girls’ schools.
    • the best of both worlds — a strong regional presence and global connections.


The merger will be completed in January 2024. Over the coming months the Board and Executive Officer will work with our counterparts at the ICGS and our respective legal advisors to develop the terms under which a merger will deliver greater value to members and retain the strength and voice of the Alliance in Australasia.


Australasian members would have representation on the governing board of ICGS with strategic and fiduciary voting responsibilities. An advisory board would be established in Australasia to provide input and ensure regional differences and issues are accommodated.

A regional office and staff will be retained in Australasia to continue the regional programming and advocacy that members value, including regional conferences, and local networking events. We will work together to determine the new global programs that best fit and are most exciting for the schools in Australasia. Some operations will become centralised and bring economies of scale and efficiency that release funds for more programming and services.


We are committed to working together on a global fee structure that takes into account school type, enrolment numbers, tuition-fee, and country. With the objective of making membership accessible to as many girls’ schools globally as possible. It’s likely that many schools will see a reduction in membership fee while have access to greater programming and services.


If you have more questions please feel free to email the Alliance at [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you.