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Parent attitudes and beliefs play critical role in girls’ learning choices (Jones & Hamer, 2022)

Recent research by UK-based researchers explored the impact of parent and carer’s attitudes and beliefs on children’s participation in physics. While no causal relationship between ‘parental attitudes and student outcomes’ was found, the authors did conclude that parent beliefs about their child’s likeliness to get a Physics A-level or work in a physics-related field has the potential to impact girls’ self-concept.


Students’ attitudes towards mathematics and gendered stereotypes: A case study from Sweden (Sumpter et al., 2022)

Sweden has been recognised for its high levels of gender equity, but still has highly segregated labour markets. This same attitude is reflected in university level education, but these findings indicate that attitudes towards mathematics in lower secondary are less gendered. This case study seeks to better understand how gendered conceptions of mathematics-related employment develop.


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