Professional learning

The Alliance offers online courses, webinars and training in conjunction carefully selected experts, our partners and collaborators.

An Introduction to Girls’ Schools

Challenge your understanding of the practicalities and best practices for teaching and learning in girls’ schools with our online, on-demand program specifically designed for educators in Australian and New Zealand girls’ schools. Led by renowned education futurist and academic Prof Erica McWilliam the course uses classroom research undertaken by Prof McWilliam in Australian and New Zealand schools, backed with supplementary readings relevant to girls’ education. FIND OUT MORE

Creating connection when physically disconnected: A bite-size wellbeing course for parents, carers and educators of girls

An online, bite-sized course to provide much needed guidance for parents and educators to support the wellbeing of students. FIND OUT MORE

Alliance webinar recordings

WEBINAR RECORDING: Fundraising and alumnae relations in girls’ schools — A comprehensive analysis

WEBINAR RECORDING: Five strategies to support UK & US university applications during COVID-19

WEBINAR RECORDING: 7 steps to embrace anxiety and uncertainty

WEBINAR RECORDING: Reimagining 2020 — Leading after lockdown | Student leader webinar

WEBINAR RECORDING: Pulse check: Monitoring student wellbeing in lockdown and beyond

WEBINAR RECORDING: Adapting your ask — Development and community engagement strategies in a crisis

WEBINAR RECORDING: Reimagining 2020 — Leading in lockdown | Student leader webinar

WEBINAR RECORDING: Helping our girls navigate 2020 — Interactive webinar with expert panel

Alliance Global Exchange interview series

In partnership with the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (US) and The Girls’ Schools Association (UK), educational leaders from Australia, America, Britain and Canada share their views on the  challenges and opportunities facing leaders in girls’ schools in 2030.

Educational Futurism Part 1: Leadership, Teaching and Curriculum

Educational Futurism Part 2: Technology and Connectivity

Educational Futurism Part 3: Gender Equality and School Community

Educational Futurism Part 4: Wellness, Mental Health, and Pedagogy