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An Introduction to Girls’ Schools

Challenge your understanding of the practicalities and best practices for teaching and learning in girls’ schools with our online, on-demand program specifically designed for educators in Australian and New Zealand girls’ schools. Led by renowned education futurist and academic Prof Erica McWilliam the course uses classroom research undertaken by Prof McWilliam in Australian and New Zealand schools, backed with supplementary readings relevant to girls’ education. FIND OUT MORE


Alliance webinar and conference recordings


Virtual Teachmeet – Term 3

L Platers: How to help our girls on the road to adulthood | Madonna King

Latest evidence on improving body image in adolescent girls (and their mothers) | Dr Jody Forbes and Dr Zali Yager

Engaging girls in sport: Challenges and opportunities | A panel discussion 

Virtual Teachmeet – Term 2 

Overcoming teacher burnout | Dr Steve Bagi

How schools can champion consent education | Chanel Contos and Madonna King 

Helping girls manage intense emotions | Dr Lisa Damour

Wellbeing strategies for leaders and school communities | Dr Adam Fraser and Dr Joe

Boost your enrolments by cultivating highly engaged parents

Student wellbeing in the spotlight: Strategies from Australian and New Zealand schools


Research Series: The Whaiora pilot project | Kirsten Taylor

Research Series: Feedback conversations to motivate adolescent girls’ learning | Karen Lewis 

Research Series: Brave not perfect: Finding the right feedback language to thrive | Margaret Adeane

Girls and sex: Consent education…and beyond | Peggy Orenstein

The 3pm (bad news) bulletin | Dr Judith Locke 


The world is transforming. So are our students

Gap year placement opportunities

Fundraising and alumnae relations in girls’ schools | A comprehensive analysis

7 steps to embrace anxiety and uncertainty

Pulse check: Monitoring student wellbeing in lockdown and beyond

Adapting your ask | Development and community engagement strategies in a crisis