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21 February 2022 – Co-ed schools perpetuate out-dated sexual attitudes

25 February 2022 – Single-sex education is not the problem

2 May 2022 – Male hubris, female humility: how schools can close the gap

2 June 2022 – Girls do far better academically, socially & emotionally at single-sex schools

13 June 2022 – Why girls’ schools succeed at producing women who lead


13 January 2021 – Girls embrace Australia’s largest ever female-only virtual student leadership conference

4 February 2021 – National Youth Survey 2020 finds girls at single-sex schools fared better than the national average during the pandemic

26 February 2021 – Why it is a mistake to remove the government single-sex schooling option in Hobart

1 March 2021 – Lack of respect and porn culture to blame for the epidemic of sexual assault, not single-sex schools 

17 March 2021 – Hobart’s girls to get a leadership leg up

28 July 2021 – Otago cultural healing project improves mental health for girls

28 July 2021 – Co-education is no help for girls as UK study finds sexual harassment is rife in co-ed schools


15 January 2020 – Girls learn to smash the glass ceiling at Australia’s largest girls-only student leadership event

9 March 2020 – Why you should choose a single-sex school, particularly for girls

12 June 2020 – New study reveals girls mental health significantly impacted by COVID-19

27 October 2020 – New PISA analysis shows girls’ school students outscore co-ed girls


15 January 2019 – Girls set to become future leaders at Australia’s largest girls-only student leadership event

25 February 2019 – New education research shows graduates of all-girls schools are set-up for future success

30 May 2019 – Girls’ education suffers when high-achieving boys are in the classroom

3 July 2019 – Inspirational Mt Alvernia College educator receives inaugural award for exceptional teaching in a girls’ school

16 October 2019 – What’s the bottom line on single-sex education

25 November 2019 – Best educational environment may be one without the opposite sex


3 January 2018 – Tomorrow’s female CEOs kick off 2018 at Australia’s largest girls-only student leadership conference

1 March 2018 – New research confirms girls at single-sex schools are up to 85% more likely to take advanced STEM subjects than co-ed girls

23 April 2018 – Single-sex schools, the myths of socio-economic status, gender stereotyping and the push for more women in STEM

24 April 2018 – Opinion- Are single-sex schools still relevant?

5 May 2018 – Girls need a positive approach to sex and relationships

20 June 2018 – Australasian girls’ schools bring home global education strategies

20 September 2018 – Girls’ schools laud Gender Equality Council 

7 October 2018 – Choice is the answer

6 November 2018 – Single-sex schools are more relevant than ever

15 November 2018 – To achieve gender equality, we need more single-sex schools


4 January 2017 – Girls take charge in Australia’s largest girls-only student leadership conference

1 February 2017 – Single-sex schools – a choice to embrace

3 February 2017 – Why a Girl’s School? So Much Less to Unlearn – Prof Erica McWilliam

4 May 2017 – Open letter to Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer

21 June 2017 – Could space launch these girls’ future careers?

27 June 2017 – Melbourne girls get MAD skills to make a difference in the world


8 December 2016 – NASA to up-skill 161 students in STEM during Australia’s largest Space School expedition

17 August 2016 – The case for girls’ schools – The Age opinion piece by President Fran Reddan

4 August 2016 – New research confirms girls are more confident in maths and science at girls’ schools

26 June 2016 – NASA to welcome 86 NSW Alliance students in Australia’s largest Space School expedition

23 June 2016 – Psychological acupuncture comes to New Zealand schools

7 June 2016 – Experiment supports single-sex schools

3 June 2016 – Unique Education Collaboration wins QLD Premiers Reconciliation Award 2016

31 May 2016 – Girls’ schools a vital option

23 May 2016 – Gender issues focus of Australasian girls’ schools conference