In 1991 the Heads of a selection of girls’ schools in Victoria felt that it was time to publicly advocate the case for girls’ schools. Former Principal of Korowa Anglican Girls’ School, Dr Ros Otzen, called together the Victorian Heads of AHISA Girls’ Schools and from this first meeting the Education of Girls in Girls’ Schools Focus Group (EGGSFG) was formed. A successful conference, held at MLC Kew, followed and led to the realisation that the group had real power.

In 1995 EGGSFG was transformed into The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia. At the Alliance’s first AGM in May 1996, membership was extended to all girls’ schools in Australia and New Zealand whether independent, government or Catholic. On 18 August 1997, the Alliance was incorporated and in January 2003 gained its first Asian member. There are now more than 150 member schools representing more than 132,000 girls and 10,000 educators.