Publications and videos

The Alliance has a number of resources available to support schools in promoting the value and benefits of girls’ schools. To order copies please complete the order form at the bottom of the page.

’10 facts about girls’ school’

The ’10 facts’ series aims to concisely showcase the benefits of a girls school. The series contains three collateral options, video, poster and social media.

’10 facts about girls’ school’ videos

There are two video options, Video 1 which uses more girl-specific language and Video 2 which uses more gender neutral language. Both are customisable to include your school logo, two chosen colours, school name and website.

View the template sample video HERE that clearly demonstrates the customisable areas of the video.

’10 facts about girls schools’ – Video 1 (using more girl specific language)

’10 facts about girls’ schools’ – Video 2 (using more gender neutral language)

’10 facts about girls’ schools’ A2 poster

A printable PDF is available to purchase.

’10 facts about girls’ schools’ social media squares

Download them HERE.

A comparison of outcomes for girls from single-sex and co-educational schools using PISA data —OUT OF PRINT

This report is an analysis of the OECD’s PISA data from 2015 and 2018. The Alliance commissioned the Macquarie Marketing Group (MMG) to analyse the data and compare the results for girls from single-sex schools with girls from co-educational schools in Australia and New Zealand. The findings are overwhelmingly positive for girls’ schools.

Size: A4 x 4 pages

A review of the research literature on single-sex education for girls – OUT OF PRINT

While there’s an abundance of research to support the case for girls’ schools it can often be time consuming and difficult to find. This comprehensive literature review synthesises research findings from around the world into one report confirming the benefits of a girls’ school education.

Size: A4 x 8 pages

Why a girls’ school?

The Why a Girls’ School? brochure reflects the latest research findings about single-sex education and succinctly explains why girls’ schools are specialists in girls’ education. It is an invaluable marketing tool and companion to your own school collateral, ideal for prospective parents, as well as staff and the broader school community.

Size: DL x 8 pages (Flat size: 396mm x 297mm. Folded size: 99mm x 210mm)

Why a girls’ school? video

Designed to complement the brochure, our video is also research based, and delivers a strong message on the benefits of all-girls schools. The video can be customised to include your school crest, colours and call-to-action message.

#TheGirlsSchoolEdge video

Showcase the value of a girls’ school to your community with this free video — add it to your social platforms and website.

#TheGirlsSchoolEdge social media graphics
Twelve different graphics, sized for social media are available to download for members HERE.

Let’s Hear it From The Girls video

Year 12 students share their views on why they love attending girls’ schools, the many benefits they experience and why the absence of boys from the classroom is a positive influence on their education.

Publication and video order form

Publications and videos are available exclusively to Alliance member schools. Please complete this form and we will send your order and an invoice (including postage costs and GST if applicable). Prices quoted are in AUD and exclude GST.
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  • Price: $ 450.00 Quantity:
    Customised video. You will be contacted for customisation details.
  • Price: $ 49.50 Quantity:
    Digital high-resolution A2 poster
  • Price: $ 53.00 Quantity:
    Pack of 25
  • Price: $ 80.00 Quantity:
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  • Price: $ 400.00 Quantity:
    Customised video with school crest, colours and call to action
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    free video
  • Price: $ 0.00 Quantity:
    free video
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