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The Alliance has a number of resources available to support schools in promoting the value and benefits of girls’ schools. To order copies please complete the order form at the bottom of the page.

A comparison of outcomes for girls from single-sex and co-educational schools using PISA data

This report is an analysis of the OECD’s PISA data from 2015 and 2018. The Alliance commissioned the Macquarie Marketing Group (MMG) to analyse the OECD’s PISA data from 2015 and 2018 and compare the results for girls from single-sex schools with girls from co-educational schools in Australia and New Zealand. The findings are overwhelmingly positive for girls’ schools.

Size: A4 x 4 pages

A review of the research literature on single-sex education for girls

While there’s an abundance of research to support the case for girls’ schools it can often be time consuming and difficult to find. This comprehensive literature review synthesises research findings from around the world into one report confirming the benefits of a girls’ school education.

Size: A4 x 8 pages


Why a girls’ school?

The Why a Girls’ School? brochure reflects the latest research findings about single-sex education and succinctly explains why girls’ schools are specialists in girls’ education. It is an invaluable marketing tool and companion to your own school collateral, ideal for prospective parents, as well as staff and the broader school community.

Size: DL x 6 pages (flat size: 210mm x 297mm and finished size: 210mm x 100mm).

Why a girls’ school? video

Designed to complement the brochure, our new video is also based on the latest research, and delivers a strong message on the benefits of all-girls schools. The video can be customised to include your school crest, colours and call-to-action message.

Watch and imagine this video with your school crest, colours and a call to action of your choice.

Customisable options
Your customised video will be branded with two colours of your choice, your school crest, your school name and your website.

You will also be able to create your own call to action of up to 50 characters, for example:
Call us to find out how to enrol or book a tour‘ or ‘Visit our website and enrol online today’

Once you place your order, we just need four simple things from you:
1. Your school crest
2. Your two chosen school colours
3. Your web address
4. Your 50 character (or less) call to action

#TheGirlsSchoolEdge video

This resource is provided free for Alliance members.