Lourdes Hill College

Principal Ms Kay Gleeson
Year levels 7 to 12
Enrolment numbers 1021
Boarding or day day
Website http://www.lhc.qld.edu.au
Phone 07 3399 8888
Fax 07 3899 1007
Postal address 86 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne

Lourdes Hill College is a Good Samaritan Education School for Girls with a current enrolment of just over 1,000 in Years 8-12. Founded in 1916 by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict, our spiritual heritage is articulated in our three stories to reflect the compassion of the Good Samaritan, the Patronage of Mary under the title of Our Lady of Lourdes, and our strong Benedictine tradition emphasising values that support holistic living. Lourdes Hill College strives to allow individuals to be flexible thinkers and lifelong learners who will succeed in the information and knowledge age. The College introduced a 1-to-1 laptop program in 2010, and has a strong support program for all students including those who experience learning difficulties as well as a specialised program for high-achieving students. Our students are challenged to construct knowledge using disciplined inquiry to explore issues that have value beyond the classroom. As knowledge informs the lives our students will lead, all learning at Lourdes Hill College is grounded in a Catholic, holistic vision of life. The College is proud of its record of academic, sporting and cultural achievement and its strong emphasis on social justice. The College curriculum is grounded in the Dimensions of Learning Framework which promotes a culture of high level thinking and success for all students. Lourdes Hill College is committed to fostering and developing young leaders. The Student Council and House Councils provide many leadership opportunities for students of all year levels. The Student, Middle School and House Councils work on chosen initiatives to enhance the College climate, ethos and environment. Student leadership roles are also established in our College Co-curricular and Service Learning programs. We ensure that students’ health and wellness are nurtured in many inclusive, integrated programs which provide opportunities for students to develop and maintain physical and emotional well-being. Students are encouraged to become members of at least one co-curricular and/or service group each year. The Co-curricular Program includes sport, music, drama, debating, ICT and public speaking. Taking advantage of our proximity to the Brisbane River, water sports including sailing, rowing and kayaking are a major feature of the College. Service groups come under the umbrella of “Bene Servire” a latin phrase meaning “to serve well”. Our programme of genuine community service and involvement forms an integral part of the whole school program through actively seeking partnerships with social service activities and organisations whose purposes are aligned to the school’s Mission. Along with “Bene Servire” the Lourdes Hill Service Learning Program provides students with opportunities to accept social responsibility as they develop an awareness of individual differences and respect for others. We strive to bring to action the research-based school characteristics that contribute to an empowering culture and community which is responsive to the needs of all of our students. This includes providing an environment that is inviting, safe, supportive, caring and inclusive and one which enhances students’ sense of connection and identity through beautifully landscaped grounds and symbols of a deep spiritual ethos. We strongly promote family involvement through our Home Group and House Pastoral Care System which acts as the unifying thread that nurtures positive, supportive relationships as a strong foundation for a joyful community which meets the social and emotional needs of students in partnership with families. Lourdes Hill College is firmly committed to our mission of providing a well-balanced educational experience for all students; one in which the intellectual, spiritual and physical domains of human existence are celebrated in harmony, and where students and staff are encouraged to reach out to the world beyond our own boundaries.