Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

Principal Narelle Umbers
Year levels P to 12
Enrolment numbers 1000
Boarding or day day
Website http://www.ivanhoegirls.vic.edu.au
Phone (03) 9490 6222
Fax (03) 9490 6200
Postal address 123 Marshall Street, Ivanhoe

At Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School our aim is to provide the best learning and teaching environment to enable every girl to achieve her potential and to be a confident, optimistic and responsible citizen. The breadth of our educational opportunities embraces the academic, cultural, physical and spiritual and is based on our students’ needs and informed by current research and practice. By developing leadership, teamwork and research skills in a range of settings, we provide dynamic and challenging learning opportunities, which cater for a full range of girls’ individual interests, abilities and learning styles. Each girl is encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning, confidence and self-esteem in an environment which engenders respect for the individual together with tolerance and understanding of others. An open entry school affiliated with the Anglican Church, Ivanhoe Girls’ is firmly committed to providing the best learning environment for girls from ELC to Year 12. The majority of our families make considerable financial sacrifices to enable their daughters to attend the School. With just over 1000 students from diverse backgrounds, the School is small enough to focus on each student as a unique individual learner yet large enough to offer a broad range of choices and opportunities and the use of our excellent facilities and resources. Through our strong pastoral care, broad academic curriculum with diverse opportunities for specialisation and wide co-curricular program, Ivanhoe Girls’ nurtures the development of each girl’s personal identity and strives to give her the tools, including the leadership and organisational skills, she needs to address the challenges she will face in life’s journey. A basic tenet of Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is that each child has her own individual strengths, talents and interests and it is vital that we identify and foster these in each girl. All students benefit from enrichment and from a classroom climate that is accepting and offers opportunity for creativity and challenge. In general our NAPLAN results are consistent with our own assessments and contribute to the broader picture of each girl’s progress. As an open entry school, we recognise that education is a journey and that students come to the School at different stages of their learning. Whilst our results for 2008 – 2013 are in general extremely good, it is important to remember that they represent a single snapshot of a student’s learning in specific areas on one day. As with all other data about student learning, the NAPLAN data contributes to the bigger picture of each girl’s individual learning. We as a School are really proud of the growth in our students’ learning as they move through the School. Almost every girl continues her learning journey into tertiary education, with the vast majority of students gaining selection into the course of their first or second choice.