Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College

Principal Dr Mary Cannon
Year levels 7 to 12
Enrolment numbers 1007
Boarding or day day
Phone (03) 9830 5099
Fax (03) 9836 8958
Postal address 16 Mangarra Rd,
Canterbury VIC 3126, Canterbury, 3126
Address 16 Mangarra Rd,
Canterbury VIC 3126

Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College has built and maintained a reputation for excellence in the provision of education for girls. Students learn in an environment that encourages high achievement in all endeavours and which values effort and diligence. The College places great emphasis on students working to achieve their very best, on students challenging themselves and on seizing all opportunities open to them. As a learning community, we set high expectations for staff and students alike and provide a learning environment which facilitates the best possible outcomes for all students. The College offers a broad dynamic curriculum which provides all students with the opportunity to develop academic, practical, creative and sporting skills. The College has a strong commitment to promoting leadership skills in students based on co-operation, tolerance, self-discipline and concern for others. We facilitate a strong relationship between all members of the College community and such links provide a tangible framework through which we can focus on student learning and student outcomes. We offer an environment where girls can develop their potential in a supportive environment, and challenge themselves to do and be the best they can while fostering resilience and social awareness.