Camberwell Anglican Girls’ Grammar School

Principal Ms Debbie Dunwoody
Year levels P to 12
Enrolment numbers 736
Boarding or day day
Phone (03) 9813 1166
Fax (03) 9882 9248
Postal address 2 Torrington Street, Canterbury

A Camberwell Girls Grammar School education is world class. In part, this is because we are scanning the international scene for best practice, in part because of our pragmatic approach to innovation and because we are excited about investing in the future. This can be seen in the caring environment, in exemplary teaching, in the use of new technology and in the way the built environment influences learning. This willingness to be part of the transformation that is occurring in education ensures that Camberwell remains at the forefront. Each girl who comes to Camberwell Girls Grammar School can expect her unique qualities to be valued and developed. Camberwell students are well rounded, unpretentious young women with strong values. They are outstanding participants, fine team players and first rate leaders. Everything we do is designed to encourage, stimulate, and inspire them to be resilient and responsible. A strong Christian ethos and the School motto ‘Utilis in Ministerium’ (Useful in Service) provide the basis for a robust Social Justice Program. We pride ourselves on our students’ tolerance, respectfulness, and above all, ability to contribute positively to the local, national and global community. We have an outstanding staff with high expectations and a passion for education. Their generosity and skill is reflected in the School’s culture. Their good humour, energy and care create a wonderfully vibrant and happy school where everyone strives for excellence – both academically and as people