All Hallows’ School

Principal Catherine O'Kane
Year levels 5 to 12
Enrolment numbers 1560
Boarding or day day
Phone (07) 3831 3100
Fax (07) 3832 6140
Postal address 547 Ann Street, Brisbane
Address 547 Ann Street

All Hallows’ School is a Catholic school for girls catering for students from a wide variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The School is a ministry of Mercy Partners and currently has some 1560 students from Years 5 to 12. Established in 1861, it is the oldest secondary school in Queensland and is situated on over three hectares overlooking the Brisbane River. The School celebrated its sesquicentenary in 2011 and is extremely proud of its long tradition of innovation and leadership in the education of young women. Throughout its history, All Hallows’ has demonstrated a commitment to the highest quality educational experience for girls characterised by academic excellence, inclusivity, diversity and service to others. The nature of our academic program is such that considerable time is spent on the cognitive skills, processes and concepts which are foundational to all subjects and to academic success. Diligence is encouraged, supported, and expected. All Hallows’ caters for students of all academic abilities but has a very strong academic focus. All students are encouraged and expected to strive for excellence in all their endeavours. We are very proud of the achievements of our students in both their internal school based curriculum assessment and external testing programs including NAPLAN and the Queensland Core Skills Test. Our students have also achieved outstanding success in vocational subjects. The School seeks to engender in students personal growth, confidence in one’s own talents and the development of an informed conscience, a sense of belonging to a community in which Christian values are lived as well as proclaimed and a commitment to work for justice, in the light of the Gospel, and the traditions of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy. All Hallows’ provides an extensive array of academic, cultural, service, sporting and social activities for students to cater for student interests and abilities. Enrichment and extension opportunities enable students to be challenged and supported in achieving at the highest level. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. We have a multi-faceted approach to the integration of technology providing a range of hardware, including personal computing devices, software and online resources to ensure that we are able to most effectively use technology as a learning tool in all areas of the curriculum. The School has a one-to-one computer program for all students from Years 5-12 complemented by computer laboratories plus technology-rich libraries and flexible learning areas. The use of both cabled and wireless technology, together with our School Learning Management System, MoodleBlue, facilitates 24/7 access to online resources and information by students, staff and parents. Our pastoral structures are crucial to ensuring that students feel safe, comfortable, included and known. We use a number of both formal and informal strategies, and vertical and horizontal groupings to ensure the highest level of pastoral care of students. Through the House system, students have the opportunity to know and be known by students from across all year levels. Young people respond extremely well to structure, consistency and high expectations. We are responsive to the individual and pastoral needs of each student but at the same time, we set clear boundaries and high aspirations. Students entering All Hallows’ are allocated to one of our eight Houses where they remain for the duration of their schooling. Siblings are placed in the same House. These arrangements enable the Head of House to develop a close personal relationship with each student and her family and this is maintained over time. The Year 7 -12 students meet in Home Group each morning. These Home Groups are vertically organized containing students from each year level. All subject classes, however, are organised on a year level basis. All Hallows’ is committed to providing quality educational facilities for our students. The School has undertaken extensive building and renovation work in recent years which underpins the latest curriculum requirements and provides an environment which nurtures both the individual and our School community. Our classrooms and specialist teaching areas have been designed to reflect current pedagogical and pastoral practices and are housed within a beautiful blend of heritage and modern buildings. Our external spaces provide wonderful active and passive amenity for the students. All Hallows’ has a fabulous tradition, a vibrant and passionate spirit, and a culture reflecting our Mercy values, including respect, compassion, justice, service and loyalty. Our students, staff, parents and past pupils form a close, supportive and welcoming community with a stimulating and evolving vision for the future built on a foundation of over 150 years of leadership in the education of young women.