Comfort = Concentration

Furnware / 02 June 2023

It all started with a simple question.

Could a well-designed ergonomic chair enhance concentration and learning in the classroom?

The answer led to more than designing just another chair. We set out to measure 20,000 students and study their behaviours in classrooms. By the end of that extensive research, we found that most school chairs inhibited movement and restricted blood flow, resulting in unproductive fidgeting and off-task time. Any new school chair design is needed to offer students the best chance to concentrate with maximum ergonomic comfort.

Furnware’s research identified that a dynamic chair that offers the right support and encourages positive movement was optimal for learning.

Independent studies done on Bodyfurn® 

In a 2006 study of the impact of Bodyfurn® on classroom learning environments, University of Waikato researchers spent hours in classrooms – videoing, interviewing, and discussing the distinguishing difference Bodyfurn® made to students and teachers. The study concluded that students sat more comfortably on Bodyfurn® chairs, as indicated by the reduced instances off-task movement captured on the video recordings—the number of instances of students fidgeting or being distracted also reduced, with a few exceptions.

Evidence that Bodyfurn® can improve holistic learning outcomes  

As part of a 2020 Smart Classroom study by Masters programme student Issac Martin from the University of Waikato, the impact that different types of furniture have on learning was explored. Using a network of connected sensors and a computer programme, the movement of students and environmental classroom data was measured and graphed, then presented on a dashboard for analysis. This study showed empirical evidence to support the claim that Bodyfurn® chairs aid learning in the classroom and improve students’ academic achievement. The findings of this study suggest that Bodyfurn® chairs would be a valuable learning tool that could improve students' academic achievement and overall quality of life.

How does Furnware and its furniture continue to evolve as learning environments develop?  

Learning spaces are transforming as education evolves. So is our research into ergonomics, learning environments, and biophilic design to continuously support student health and well-being. We immerse ourselves in your world to design meaningful, built-for-purpose furniture solutions. In addition, we work with renowned educationalists, which keeps us up to date with evolving teaching practices. All this work feeds into our innovation and knowledge of what makes the most significant impact in the classroom. In many ways, we are learning for the future.

For more information, visit the Furnware stand at the 2023 Asia Pacific Summit on Girls’Education, click Bodyfurn or call us on 1800 133 155.