Courses and Training

The Alliance offers online courses, training and webinars in conjunction with our partners and collaborators.

An Introduction to Girls’ Schools

The first program of its kind designed specifically for educators in Australian and New Zealand girls’ schools.
Challenge your understanding of the practicalities and best practices for teaching and learning in girls’ schools. Led by renowned education futurist and academic Prof Erica McWilliam the course uses classroom research undertaken by Prof McWilliam in Australian and New Zealand schools, backed with supplementary readings relevant to girls’ education.

An Introduction to Girls’ Schools is an entirely asynchronous on-demand online course that helps staff to better understand the nuances and best practice of working in an all-girls school. The self-paced course consists of three modules, each taking around five to six hours to complete. It encourages collaboration and discussion with colleagues creating opportunities for staff to make important connections within the school.


2020 National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Virtual Conference

The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools’ (NCGS) is taking the bold and exciting step of transitioning its 2020 Conference, Stand Up, Speak Up: Girls Using Their Voices to Engage, Empower, and Enact, to a virtual experience (June 22 to 24), after careful consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. NCGS is excited to convene our global girls’ school community and advocates during this time of separation to share best practices for educating and empowering girls and leading girls’ schools.

While women’s rights have come a long way following suffrage movements in 40 countries where voting booths were opened to women in the first 30 years of the 20th century, the average number of women serving in major governing bodies worldwide today is only 24%. Girls’ school graduates continue to blaze new trails and serve as role models for the next generation of female leaders, but it is clear there is still much work to be done.

But here’s the good news: according to a recent study, graduates of girls’ schools more frequently discuss politics, have stronger beliefs in and are more supportive of social initiatives, and are more likely to engage in activities to influence the political structure, such as voting in local and national elections. We’ve seen proof of this time and again during the COVID-19 pandemic: girls making masks for
hospital workers, offering support to first responders, and finding creative ways to generate change. Let’s use this time to share the new ways we are supporting girls’ learning and how we can continue to inspire girls to follow in the footsteps of the daring women who gathered 100 years ago, demanding to be heard.

Alliance member schools can access the conference for the reduced rate of $425 USD by entering the code 2020AGSA. You can REGISTER HERE.

NOTE: Session times are EDT (UTC-4) as the virtual event is being held in North America.

Creating connection when physically disconnected: A bite-size wellbeing course for parents, carers and educators of girls

Use our new bite-sized course to provide much needed guidance for parents and educators to support the wellbeing of students. Developed by one of Australia’s leading voices on the wellbeing of girls, Dannielle Miller, the one-hour course has been created for teachers, parents and carers to equip them with the tools and understanding to help the girls stay mentally well during their time at home — away from school, their friends and their normal co-curricular activities.


Alliance webinar recordings

All recordings are available to Alliance members through our Research Library. You must log into the website to access the content. If you are not yet a registered user on the website, it’s free and simple to register and available to all staff at member schools. Register here.

WEBINAR RECORDING: Pulse check: Monitoring student wellbeing in lockdown and beyond

WEBINAR RECORDING: Adapting your ask: Development and community engagement strategies in a crisis

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Reimagining 2020 – Leading in lockdown | Student leader webinar

WEBINAR RECORDING: Helping our girls navigate 2020 – Interactive webinar with expert panel