Student Leadership Conference 2023 Code of Online Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Alliance is committed to providing a fulfilling and challenging experience for student delegates attending SLC 2023. It expects that delegates will demonstrate a high standard of behaviour and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the values and expectations of their respective schools.

All student delegates must accept at registration their shared responsibility for maintaining a safe, respectful and harmonious conference environment. It’s important to remember that how you present yourself online will reflect on your school and your own identity.

By submitting a Delegate Registration Form, delegates agree to the following terms of behaviour:

  • To attend all conference sessions and activities.
  • Ensure that all content you share is respectful, inclusive and polite. Racist, sexist, bullying, and discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated in any format.
  • Online sessions are like classes and you should behave as you would in a physical classroom/workshop setting.
  • Identify yourself using your full name.
  • Dress appropriately; pyjamas are not acceptable.
  • Try to find an environment in which you will not be disturbed during the session and where the background will not be too distracting for your classmates. If you use a virtual background, ensure it is appropriate to the session.
  • Use of a headset with headphones and a microphone is encouraged. These help to improve audio quality for you and your fellow participants and prevent disruptions to others in your environment.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, connect to sessions with your video turned on. This helps enhance a feeling of community and improves your learning experience. Sometimes, if internet bandwidth is problematic, it might be necessary to revert to audio, but you should always try using video in the first instance.
  • Mute your audio until you wish to speak. This reduces background noise for all participants.
  • Think about your actions on-camera and try to remain as still and attentive as possible to avoid distracting fellow participants.
  • Don’t share meeting invites, IDs or passwords. This event is exclusively for student leaders who have been registered by their school.
  • Use complete and grammatically correct sentences in written chat discussion, and avoid abbreviations, acronyms, all-caps, memes and internet slang.
  • Try to restrict posts to a single idea and keep posts as short as possible.
  • When creating a post think about how you can create and add value. Avoid creating many small posts (e.g. just posting ‘thank you’ or ‘I agree’).
  • Try to express your ideas clearly and give others’ the benefit of the doubt. Tone can be difficult to read in text, so avoid sarcasm and satire where there is a danger they may offend if misunderstood.
  • Allow others space and time to react to the material under discussion and try not to dominate discussions. Respect the views of others in the same way as you would in a physical classroom.
  • Publishing abusive, offensive, vilifying, discriminatory or harassing material online in any form will not be tolerated, and will lead to exclusion from Alliance events and online sessions.