SLC 2024 Student Registration

Students and their parents/guardians whose schools have reserved places at SLC 2024 will need to complete the student registration form at the bottom of this page, students and their parents/guardians should read the CODE OF CONDUCT for the conference and the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS before completing the form.

The conference will be held over three days from 9 to 12 January 2024. Students are required to attend all sessions. 

If you have any questions regarding the conference please contact Loren Bridge (e) [email protected] (m) +61 408842445. Please note our office will be closed from 22 December 2023 to 2 January 2024.

Registration: Student Leadership Conference 2024

Student details, contact information, permissions
  • Student Details

  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • We make every effort to cater for dietary restrictions, and cultural and religious sensitivities. Our menu is nut-free.
  • Flight Information

    To be be completed if transfers from Sydney Airport to the conference on 9 January, and from the conference to Sydney Airport on 12 January are required. The last airport transfer on 9 January departs Sydney Airport at 10.30 am. Transfers to the airport on 12 January will arrive at 2.00 pm.
  • Medical details

  • Please list any medical conditions or illness (include asthma, diabetes, allergies) that we should be aware of, and outline any medical requirements or medication your daughter may require during the conference.
  • Parents/guardians will be contacted in the first instance, please provide the name and telephone contacts of an ADDITIONAL emergency contact, NOT a parent or guardian, to be contacted in the event that we are unable to reach a parent or guardian.
  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • Parent/guardian Agreement

    As parents/legal guardians of the student named on this form I/we confirm the above information is correct and give permission for our daughter to attend the conference. I/we understand the program encourages participation in a variety of leadership activities and challenges. I/we authorise the International Coalition of Girls' Schools to take whatever action is necessary, including the provision suitable transport, to provide our daughter with care during the conference.
    Video footage and photographs of students participating in this conference may be taken by ICGS or media reporting on the conference. We request your permission to reproduce, publish and broadcast images of your daughter for the purpose of promoting the ICGS activities. I/we release ICGS from all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs or expenses relating to or arising out of use of such material.