Woodford House

Principal Ms Julie Petersen
Year levels 7 to 12
Enrolment numbers 286
Boarding or day both
Website http://www.woodford.school.nz
Phone +64 6 873 0705
Fax +64 6 873 0705
Postal address Iona Road, Havelock North

Woodford House, an innovative New Zealand girls’ school, provides safe, challenging, educational and holistic experiences that encourage individual excellence, independence and confidence for life. At Woodford House we ensure that each student experiences a rich, well formed and holistic education, led by experts in their fields. This includes our Pastoral Care, ensuring one-on-one support in such an important time in our students’ lives. While academia must be a central cornerstone of schooling, it is when a holistic approach is valued, true education is possible. Whether it is in the fields of academia, sports, or the arts, at Woodford House, our students have a long history of excellence at a national level. At Woodford House we will continue to have a heritage of prestige; it is this heritage from which we draw our strength to create a vibrant, fruitful future for our students and our community at large. We pride ourselves on our strong, stable family environment that has served the community for over 100 years. But it’s our “why not?” progressive, learner-centred attitude, encouraging students to achieve to the best of their ability that makes Woodford House different.