Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar School

Principal Mrs Marise McConaghy
Year levels P to 12
Enrolment numbers 693
Boarding or day day
Phone 03 8779 7500
Fax 03 9888 5440
Postal address 34 Scott Street, Canterbury

Strathcona is an independent school, co-educational in ELC and girls from Prep to Year 12. Emphasising competence, confidence and compassion, Strathcona’s mission is to help students build well-balanced foundations for personal and professional success in their adult life. Since its establishment in 1924, Strathcona’s sense of community and quality of care have been constantly demonstrated. Similarly, the academic standing of the School is attested to by strong VCE results. Campuses Strathcona has three campuses. ELC and Years 7, 8 10, 11 and 12 are located in Canterbury, with the purpose-built Junior School (Prep – Year 6) in close proximity to the main campus. The Junior facility includes a library, curriculum extension area, art room, multi-purpose activity room, music room and individual music studios for instrumental lessons. Students attending the Canterbury campuses have excellent facilities, including a modern Science and Middle School Centre, a gymnasium and heated indoor pool. An innovative VCE Centre and Information Resource Centre are available to our students. Strathcona opened its Creative and Performing Arts Centre in 2008. The space and resources are enjoyed by students in the areas of music, visual arts, drama, multimedia and food technology. A new Aquatic & Fitness Centre was opened in 2011. Students in Year 9 spend the year at Tay Creggan, a beautiful historic property, with the addition of modern learning spaces, on the Yarra River in Hawthorn. This unique campus, established in 1969, was the first to offer a non-residential off-campus experience for Year 9 students. Academic Programs There is an extensive choice of subjects, with the VCE program offering all prerequisites for tertiary courses. Students are challenged to explore their individual learning styles and thinking strategies and inquiry based learning is encouraged. Special programs have been created at various levels, e.g. the SEED program (Seek Engage Enhance Diversify) in Years 7 and 8 and I-Learning (Interdisciplinary Interactive Inquiry) at Year 9. Languages offered are French, Italian and Mandarin Chinese. Co-curricular Program There is a comprehensive co-curricular program, including music, sport, drama, dance and public speaking. All students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities to assist in their personal development. Pastoral Care Pastoral care plays an important role at Strathcona, with personal, social and spiritual development nurtured. There is a strong sense of family within the school community, with many cross-age links amongst the students and close ties between home and school. ICT Outstanding computer facilities, including class sets of MacBooks, iPads, interactive whiteboards and internet access to ‘Blackboard’ – the online learning management system– all support a 21st Century learning environment. All students are encouraged to utilise interactive technology to communicate effectively. NAPLAN In relation to NAPLAN testing, our students on average perform approximately two years above the average score for students in the State. The data reinforces Strathcona’s focus on differentiation as the range of achievement on the tests is quite broad. We recognise that there are many reasons behind the range of achievement and that the test scores are not a measure of potential. Those students who have been at Strathcona for two testing periods reveal a trend of strong growth. We believe, as research supports, that a broad curriculum is advantageous in developing literacy and numeracy skills in all students and that it is not just in Mathematics and English that these skills are learnt and reinforced. “Bring out her best” is an essential ingredient in everything that Strathcona does, from fostering creativity and innovation, to strengthening self-esteem, resilience and levels of responsibility. We encourage our students to live life fully ….. to see them emerge as confident young adults with optimism and insight.” Helen Hughes Principal