St Stithians Girls’ College

Principal Dr Sally James
Year levels 8 to 12
Enrolment numbers 530
Boarding or day day
Phone 27 11 577 6382
Fax 27 11 577 6460
Postal address Private Bag 2 RANDBURG , Gauteng

St Stithians Girls’ College aims to educate all young women to be effective leaders in our society. Our Leadership philosophy is underpinned by an understanding of “servant leadership” whose role models include Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela. The College strives to develop a sense of inner worth in the girls. St Stithian’s Girls’ College prides itself on its forward thinking in what is best practice in educational policy. As the College evolves, we constantly review our philosophies. A tradition is only good as long as it is of benefit and still maintains value within current educational thinking and more importantly, our school. Our policy is different to many schools in that we do not mark academic achievements with outward symbols like braid, badges and colours blazers. What we have identified in our girls is a need for a sense of inner worth. What we are trying to nurture in all of our girls is the understanding that self-worth is not attached to a badge, but to a deep sense of knowing that they are all gifted in so many ways beyond any outward symbols.