St Michael’s Collegiate School

Principal Dr Adam Forsyth
Year levels K to 12
Enrolment numbers 726
Boarding or day boarding
Phone 03 6211 4908
Fax 03 6211 4955
Postal address PO Box 215, Sandy Bay

St Michael’s Collegiate is an Anglican day and boarding girls’ school whose mission is to be a learning community that welcomes diversity in an educational environment that is shaped by Christian values. Our core values of creativity, resilience, excellence, ethical behaviour, meaning and connection, and diversity are framed by our commitment to our Christian ethos. While our emphasis is academic in nature, this is complemented by strong programs in Outdoor Education, a full range of sports, a School of Performing Arts, a Student International Exchange Program, Service Learning, programs for extension, differentiation and gifted education through our EDGE program, and Pathway Planning. Students are offered a rich diversity of experiences as varied as doing community work in the Solomon Islands, acting in the School play, playing in the orchestra, bicycling from coast to coast or interacting with other learning communities world-wide via the web. We actively promote ties with other schools overseas through exchange programs throughout Europe, America, Asia and New Zealand. Within this environment we encourage girls to learn more about themselves. Our School structure, on three outstandingly resourced campuses (Junior School K to Year 4, Middle School Years 5 to 8 and Senior School Years 9 to 12) provides contemporary curricula and age appropriate learning programs aligned to the developmental needs of girls. In addition Collegiate provides care for pre-school children in its two Early Learning Centres. Within the physical environment of each campus the learning experiences are shaped in response to our students’ stages of development. Our commitment to developing e-mature learners is reflected in the nature and resourcing of our ICT provision. We provide a strongly academic, liberal education with an emphasis on intellectual rigour, personal responsibility and commitment to others. Foreign languages are taught from Kindergarten onwards and there are active programs for extension and academic support in all sections of the school. We value and use a range of benchmarked indicators of learning to craft the learning program for each student. We are committed to developing a culture of high expectations that nourishes the development of creative, confident, accomplished young women. As a girls’ school, we acknowledge the importance of student engagement, of challenge and active learning opportunities. We focus on providing nurturing relationships, where excellent teachers provide student care based on a model of pastoral care and academic mentoring. This structure promotes an environment in which girls feel safe, gain a sense of identity at the School, and become known and valued as individuals. Our supportive school community works collaboratively to ensure that each girl receives the best education program we can provide. Senior students are supported by a vertical house tutor system, individual mentors, professional counselling and careers advice. Leadership and service are valued at all levels of the School. Through participation in leadership initiatives and prefect and House structures, all students are able to be part of the civic community that is the School. By providing a broad, well-balanced education the School helps develop an appreciation of diversity and a philosophy of life which will enable our students to be constructive and compassionate world citizens. Every effort is made to develop citizenship and personal character and each girl is encouraged to develop her potential in a caring but rigorous learning environment by fostering her pursuit of personal and academic excellence. We aim to create future oriented individuals who are sensitive to the needs of others and the environment and strong in service – girls who hold a global perspective. The School is recognised as a School of excellence with its strong academic charter well-supported by a diverse range of sporting, cultural and co-curricular programs. Emphasis is placed on providing a caring environment in which girls can flourish. Students are encouraged to have high self-esteem and be self-motivated. Our Vision is: Each Girl – Set For Life. Collegiate is a non-selective school with an extensive record of exceptional results in all academic spheres and a clear demonstration of our systematic focus on academic rigour. More information can be found on the School’s website: