St Mary’s College Ipswich

Principal Ms Paula Goodwin
Year levels 7 to 12
Enrolment numbers 631
Boarding or day day
Phone 07 3432 5444
Fax 07 3432 5432
Postal address Mary Street, Woodend, Ipswich

St Mary’s College is a Catholic, secondary college committed to the education of young women in the Mercy Tradition since 1863. The educational experiences offered are holistic and each student is provided with opportunities to achieve to her potential and be a woman of integrity. Our community provides a unique caring and supportive environment where the care of each individual student is of paramount importance. This is fostered by our Pastoral Care Program which provides a foundation for the nurturing and growth of each student. A core value of the College is respect, and our goal is to develop young women who respect themselves, others, God and the environment. The girls are encouraged and provided with the skills to be responsible decision makers, accepting the consequences of their actions. St Mary’s College provides a comprehensive curriculum that caters for all pathways from academic to vocational education studies. The curriculum incorporates a Religious Education program delivered across the year levels. Learning is enhanced in a technology rich learning environment where every student is issued with a laptop.