St Mary’s College Hobart

Principal Damian Messer
Year levels K to 12
Enrolment numbers 774
Boarding or day day
Phone 03 6108 2560
Fax 03 6234 8073
Postal address GPO Box 1476, Hobart

The vision of St Mary’s College in a world of constant change is to develop just, compassionate, resilient and well informed young women ready to accept responsibilities and to make a contribution to society.

The core values of the College centre on service, inclusiveness, respect, an appreciation of context and traditions and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of College life.

The mission of St Mary’s College impels us to focus on leadership, community service, hope for the future, life-long learning, the celebration and affirmation of the achhievements of young people and on social justice.

The history of St Mary’s College is proudly traced to its foundation in 1868 by Presentation Sisters from Ireland. In fact, St Mary’s College was the first of over 135 colleges and schools throughout Australia that can trace their foundation wholly or in part to the Presentation Sisters.

St Mary’s College is part of the Catholic education sector in Tasmania which accounts for 37 colleges and schools in Tasmania. It is an Archdiocesan College and the only Catholic Kindergarten to Year 12 girls’ school in Tasmania. We particularly welcome new enrolments to the College in Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 7 and Year 11. Applications are always welcome from parents whose children currently attend Independent, Government or other Catholic schools.

In the senior secondary years (Years 11 and 12) St Mary’s offers an extensive range of subjects to continuing and new students across both academic and VET subjects. As would be expected, individual pathways to tertiary or other post-secondary education institutions are negotiated with students and partnership arrangements with other educational providers enhances the options for our students.

Strong features of life at St Mary’s College across the Primary and Secondary Years are pastoral care; favourable teacher-student ratios; extensive use of technology as a tool for learning and teaching; leadership training, as well as the range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities available to our students.

St Mary’s College is a member of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia and has strong connections with other Alliance schools. It is also a member of the Nagle Education Alliance Australia, which seeks to link schools across Australia which have connections in their history to the Presentation Sisters.

St Mary’s College seeks to go one pace beyond in all our pursuits. For more information consult our website: