Siena College

Principal Elizabeth Hanney
Year levels 7 to 12
Enrolment numbers 719
Boarding or day day
Phone 03 9835 0200
Fax 03 9836 3561
Postal address 815 Riversdale Road, Camberwell

Siena College is an independent, Catholic, secondary school for young women, founded by Dominican Sisters in 1940. For 800 years, Dominicans have identified with values such as truth, contemplation, community, justice, knowledge, individuality, joyfulness, love of the beautiful and unity of creation. At Siena College, these values underpin the education offered to the young women in our care. Our students are encouraged and supported to think critically, work hard, ask questions about their world and begin a journey of seeking the Truth. We aim to develop a love of learning, an appreciation of culture and beauty and a spirit of freedom and responsibility. The College is a vibrant and busy school where students come first and where staff and students enjoy each day of the learning journey and find satisfaction in their work and in their relationships. As a medium sized school, the College is large enough to offer a broad curriculum but small enough to provide a warm, caring and respectful atmosphere. The College is committed to contemporary learning and teaching and all staff work collaboratively to focus on continuous improvement in students’ learning outcomes. The education offered is based on a deep respect for the unique qualities and gifts of each member of the community. Siena College students are surrounded by strong female role models in both their peers and former collegians, who encourage them to strive for successful outcomes from their own efforts. There are many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. The learning and teaching program is designed to cater for the interests, needs and collaborative ways in which girls learn. There is a challenging elective program and provision for individual needs with enrichment opportunities for highly able students. Emphasis is placed on personal excellence in all endeavours and we aim to equip our students to participate fully in a globalised world, to nurture their gifts and to build their self esteem and sense of connectedness. There is a well established instrumental music program, a diverse sport program, opportunities for public speaking, debating and in the performing arts. Overseas language immersion trips are offered to France, China and Italy. Diversity is acknowledged and celebrated and since 2007, the College has been committed to interfaith, intercultural dialogue. An Indigenous immersion program offers students a chance to experience life in a remote Aboriginal community. Our pastoral care is underpinned by the restorative approach which has at its core an understanding that in respecting ourselves, we learn to respect others. All members of our community are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. A vertical, house based, pastoral program ensures that students are known and feel connected.