SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Principal Ms Jenny Allum
Year levels K to 12
Enrolment numbers 911
Boarding or day boarding
Phone (02) 9332 1133
Fax (02) 9332 1858
Postal address 215 Forbes Street, Darlinghurst

What sort of school produces the first woman to climb Mount Cook in 1910? The only woman in the world to have won the prestigious Rutherford Medal for Physics? General Manager of NIDA? A National Living Treasure? SCEGGS Darlinghurst numbers all these achievers amongst its alumni. What is it about SCEGGS that educates women of this calibre?

SCEGGS is a unique school – situated in the heart of Australia’s busiest city, it possess only a small population of 900 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. It is not an academically selective school but it achieves outstanding academic results. Parents enrol their girls at SCEGGS because it offers a special environment – a place where the personal and academic potential of each child is developed equally. Our students learn, not only the curriculum, but to feel comfortable within themselves, sure of their strengths and able to work as independent, confident and articulate members of the community. The school emphasises the worth of the individual, personal integrity and social responsibility.

SCEGGS girls stand out. They value individuality and independence of mind. Our school is small enough to be a safe and friendly environment where each girl feels known, valued and nurtured, yet large enough to provide depth across a range of programs. We believe that SCEGGS girls are “savvy” and certainly at ease in a city environment.

SCEGGS has an enviable reputation for excellence. We are renowned for our academic success in public examinations, challenging curriculum and broad range of co-curricular activities.

The Christian faith and its values underpin all that we do at SCEGGS. In religious education questioning, debate, research and inquiry are conducted in an open environment. Girls are given the freedom and support to explore their own spirituality and to come up with their own answers.

Because our students see aspects of real disadvantage within the community around us, we are able to encourage our girls to live their lives with compassion, courage and a determination to benefit society. SCEGGS girls understand something of life’s complexities.

Our talented and dedicated staff are the heart of everything SCEGGS has achieved. We attract and maintain the highest quality staff to deliver an outstanding education to our girls. Survey feedback collected from parents and students continually pay tribute to their hard work, care and professionalism.

SCEGGS is an independent school which values learning, achievements in the widest range of areas and the development of accomplished, confident well-rounded young women. No set of summary statistics (such as those contained in this website) can demonstrate the achievement of excellence in all areas – academic, co-curriculum, social justice and pastoral care, emotional and spiritual development. If you are interested, why not come and visit us?