Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

Principal Dr Sandra Hastie
Year levels 7 to 13
Enrolment numbers 639
Boarding or day boarding
Website http://www.rangiruru.school.nz
Phone +64 03 9833700
Fax [email protected]
Postal address 59 Hewitts Road, Christchurch

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School is one of New Zealand’s top achieving schools academically and across a wide range of sports, cultural and creative pursuits. The school offers an independent (private) Intermediate (Year 7 and 8) and Secondary (Years 9 to 13) education for day and Boarding students. Boarding is available from Year 7 to 13. At Rangi Ruru, we are committed to providing the very best education, equipping girls with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for the next step and beyond, as well as a strong set of values to help them make good decisions.