Queenwood School for Girls

Principal Ms Elizabeth Stone
Year levels K to 12
Enrolment numbers 888
Boarding or day day
Website http://www.queenwood.nsw.edu.au
Phone 02 8968 7777
Fax 02 8968 7778
Postal address 47 Mandolong Road, Mosman

Queenwood, a leading independent, non-denominational school for girls K to 12, aims to help each girl develop for herself the highest standards of scholarship, truth, courage and discipline. A Queenwood girl is expected to be a participant in the life of the School, so that through her active involvement she may develop a sense of self-worth, enthusiasm for learning, integrity in all she does and optimism for the future. The School offers Year 11 and 12 students either the Higher School Certificate or the International Baccalaureate to suit their learning needs. Queenwood offers a vast co-curricular program. The School’s motto, Per Aspera Ad Astra – ‘Through Struggles To The Stars’ underlies many aspects of Queenwood life, fostering personal effort and persistence, even when faced with challenges. The School is known for its academic achievements across a diverse range of subjects, the pastoral care of students, its leadership and mentoring programs and service to the community both nationally and internationally. Our students function in a culture where diligence and personal achievement are admired.