Loreto College Coorparoo

Principal Kim Wickham
Year levels 7 to 12
Enrolment numbers 700
Boarding or day day
Website http://www.loreto.qld.edu.au
Phone 07 3394 9999
Fax 07 3847 1254
Postal address 415 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

Loreto College Coorparoo, established in 1928, is a leading independent Catholic secondary day school for girls in Brisbane, Queensland. It is one of more than 150 “Mary Ward” schools throughout the world, and one of seven Loreto schools nationally, established by the Sisters of the Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) – also known as the Loreto Sisters. Loreto schools and the IBVM Order were founded in 1609, by an English woman, Mary Ward. The Australian branch of the IBVM was established from Ireland in 1875 by Mother Mary Gonzaga Barry, a contemporary and personal friend of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia’s first saint. Loreto is Catholic secondary girls’ school catering for Years 8 to 12, with an enrolment of approximately 700 students. As Christians, our central purpose is to invite the students into an ever deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus, in accordance with the imperatives of the Gospel and the Mission Statement for Loreto Schools of Australia, we offer a Catholic education designed to liberate, empower and motivate our students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service. Our purposeful intent is that our students will become women who love and seek learning and who are imbued with the joyfulness of living, as well as compassion for others. We assist and encourage them to develop a strong understanding of self and also a sense of being connected to others. We look for them to be women of hope who are able to meet the inevitable difficulties of life with courage and faith. We invite them to be present in every moment and to value both the ordinary and the extraordinary experiences of life. We aim for our students to experience Loreto as a place of joy, beauty, kindness, goodness, peace, love and laughter; a place of welcome and belonging; a place of giving and sharing; a place of nourishment and challenge; a place where the achievements of all are encouraged and celebrated without envy; a place that enriches, offers broad experiences, develops potential and engenders a desire for lifelong learning. The academic program is designed to equip students, according to their needs and potential, with skills and capabilities that are relevant and future orientated. The classroom pedagogy aims to stimulate, challenge and engage all learners and the co-curricular program is comprehensive and enjoyable. When young women leave this College, we want them to be critical thinkers and active contributors. We want them to be discerning, to value reflection, silence and beauty. We want this so that they can confidently transcend society’s often stereotypical demands. At Loreto each girl is supported by a community committed to the ideal of promoting full intellectual development, human growth and spiritual nourishment. As a community we understand the importance of upholding, modelling and living our Christian ideals because we know that consistency between words and actions is a vital ingredient in building trust and mutual respect. Sharing the Christian faith, in the Catholic tradition, is central to the purpose of Loreto College Coorparoo. Religion classes promote in students an intelligent religious literacy and understanding. These classes teach students both about religions and about being religious in a particular tradition. Supporting students’ growth in personal faith is achieved within a community context. The College community is a Church community and liturgical celebrations, retreats, community service activities, prayer experiences and justice oriented groups all contribute to the life of faith within Loreto Coorparoo. Parents are active participants in the life of the College. They support, encourage and contribute in many ways. Funds raised by the Parents and Friends’ Association assist with facilities improvements, co-curricular programs, needs based bursaries and future capital developments. Parents are a welcome presence at school events and special celebrations. As generous volunteers their involvement is valued and appreciated. The Past Pupils’ Association has a strong membership that spans the decades. They gather regularly to celebrate reunions and other special events. Raising funds for Social Justice is a particular focus for them. They also generously support the bursary program for families in need. The School Council is an incorporated body and reports to the National Education Council for Loreto Schools Australia. They are charged with the responsibilities of maintaining the Mary Ward ethos; strategic master planning; financial management; and facilities development. As a community united in the spirit of Mary Ward we strive together to make our ideals our reality. We aim “to do good and do it well” as challenged by Mary Ward over 400 years ago. We aim to be a community of learning, love and laughter; a community of compassion, care and service; a community of God.