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Providing current research to our members is a strategic priority for the Alliance. We deliver access to valuable resources and anaylsis of the latest research findings relevant to educators of girls. Academic research and reports by governments, universities and major organisations are summarised for members, highlighting themes and topics of particular relevance to the education of girls, including: academic performance, mental health, leadership, neuroscience, single-sex education, STEM, wellbeing, and work and careers.

Access is restricted to member schools. For more information or member access, please contact Loren Bridge (t) +61 7 5521 0749 (e)

Virtually impossible: Limiting children’s and adolescents’ daily screen based media use (Houghton et al., 2015)

A study by researchers from the University of Western Australia has found that girls spend more time participating in screen-based activities than boys, spending significantly more hours watching television and movies, on social networking sites and using the internet. The only category in which boys were found to outscore girls…
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The relationship between primary school teacher and student attitudes towards science and technology (Denessen et al., 2015)

A Dutch study has confirmed that the key to encouraging girls to study science and technology is knowledgeable and confident teachers, particularly in primary school when views about science and technology are formed. Eddie Denessen, Nienke Vos, Fred Hasselman and Monika Louws found that girls’ attitudes towards science and technology…
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