Social pressures more challenging than ever for girls

21 April 2017

Girls have never faced more social pressures than in current society. Relentless marketing, social media and a lack of female role models are being blamed for a crisis facing teen and pre-teen girls.

In a recent article from the Adelaide Advertiser, Dr Nicole Archard, Principal of Loreto College Marryatville, discusses her concerns over the struggles facing young women.

“Girls need to have a clear understanding of their identity and self-concept … that they not just believe in who they are, but in what they can do,” she says.

Archard tells the story of a young girl, no older than six, whom she was talking to recently who was having a hard time understanding that Archard was both a doctor (of education) and a mother.

“The girl said to me: ‘But you can’t be a doctor and a mother’ … now, no one had told her that; it’s just a good example of how she had absorbed something from the world that swirls around her that tells her what girls, what mothers, what females, what males, can and can’t do.

“It starts at a very young age … We raise boys to be brave and girls to be princesses.”

Renowned parenting expert Steve Biddulph is also interviewed in the article, reveals some worrying statistics and his advice for key principles that girls need to overcome the challenges of ‘modern girlhood’.


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