Single-sex classes make a difference to girls: new research

Article by Alexandra Smith
Sydney Morning Herald / 23 October 2017

As recently reported by the Alliance, new research has just been published demonstrating the benefits of single-sex education for girls. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on that research in today’s article, interviewing parent Natasha Papworth from one of our member schools, Ravenswood, on why she decided to choose an all-girls school for her daughter and quoting Alliance Executive Officer Loren Bridge.

Excerpt from the article:

When Natasha Papworth was weighing up school options for her daughter, Grace, she had one overriding desire for her youngest child, who has grown up with three brothers.

“I want Grace to be a strong, confident woman and we want her to be empowered to make bold decisions,” Mrs Papworth, a senior executive in the corporate world, said.

Grace, 14, is in year 9 at Ravenswood School for Girls on the north shore. Mrs Papworth, whose three sons also attended all-boys schools, said there was a “really strong sisterhood” at Ravenswood.

“Grace has a great peer group who are really supportive of each other and the girls don’t need to be self-conscious and worrying about their questions in class being silly just because there are boys sitting there,” she said.