Single-sex schools in New Zealand – why choice is so vital

01 June 2017


In an excellent new article, Tracey Walker, Principal of Waitaki Girls’ High School, Oamaru and David Bovey, rector of Palmerston North Boys’ High School discuss the benefits of single-sex schooling for our young women and men. Both educators are uniquely placed to assert the importance of choice, with single-sex schools in New Zealand being predominantly state and integrated schools.

The discussion focuses on the huge developmental curve teenagers are navigating in secondary school and how single-sex schooling can help them grow and craft their identities without the distraction or influence of the opposite sex. Rather than the absence of the other gender hindering their future ability to socialise or work in a mixed gender world, single-sex schooling gives them the personal foundation and grounding to become confident, well-rounded individuals. Another important point is that we no longer live in the 50s. Quite apart from family, general societal and co-curricular interaction with the opposite sex, social media means young people are now connected to a diverse social network and interact with boys and girls on a day-to-day basis.

Four students from each school are also interviewed on how they feel about attending a single-sex school.

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