Report shows women inherit less from parents and grandparents than men

28 October 2015

A new report into retirement and superannuation has come up with some surprising data, including that women inherit less from their parents and grandparents than men, and that 73% of working mothers aged 50 or over plan to use their retirement savings to help their adult children by paying for bills and credit card expenses, contributing to a house deposit or funding university study. Less surprisingly, the REST Industry Super report also shows women have less money in superannuation than men and are less likely to retire at the age they actually want to retire. Jane Gilmore, writing for Women’s Agenda, asks whether parents leave more to their sons because they think daughters have a husband to look after them? Or is the explanation that parents are more likely to give daughters some of their inheritance money during their lifetime? Either way, she says, “this is an issue that absolutely requires further investigation”.