Leading the way: Computer coding in girls’ schools

03 June 2015

Students at Tara Anglican School for Girls are featured in a Sydney Morning Heraldarticle for “coding their way into the stratosphere”. Amanda Hogan, who teachers computer studies and runs coding clubs at Tara, outlines the school’s program and the need for coding to become embedded in the curriculum of all schools in a video accompanying the news story. Asked why children should learn coding, Amanda Hogan says, “I think it’s really important. I think the time has come where people realise that they really need to have this as a literacy; that problem solving in a programmatic way, in an algorithmic way, is really important in the world that we live in, where digital is everywhere and just solving problems in everybody’s workplace, in everybody’s daily life, involves some communication with the digital world”.

Girls at Tara Anglican School are introduced to computer coding from Year 4, before moving into the worlds of robotics, electronics, app design and text-based programming. By the age 15, students at Tara have the skills to launch a miniature computer 20 kilometres above the Earth to take photos of space.

To read the Sydney Morning Herald article and view the accompanying video, click here