Why Iceland is the best place in the world to be a woman

31 October 2016

For the past 20 years Iceland has been pioneering girls’ empowerment through all girls preschools, advocating strength, courage and being heard. In a country of only 330,000 people, there are 19 such preschools; a very interesting approach to early learning.

Though these schools are helping girls build a strong foundation for future equality, Iceland has a number of other effective policies that are putting the country on the world map as an example of how to redress the gender gap.

According to the World Economic Forum’s gender gap index, Iceland will secure top place for the sixth successive year this week and was recently named world’s best place for working women by The Economist– in comparison, the UK came in at No. 24.

Journalist Noreen Hertz explores just how Iceland is striding forward, the history of femisim in the country and the issues that still hold it back in this fascinating article.


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