How can schools rapidly adapt to online learning?

Crimson Education / 30 March 2020

In time of rapid change, schools are preparing to move their learning practices online. What steps can teachers take to ensure continuity of learning, maintain engagement with their students and continue to motivate students from a distance.

Hear from Sir John Morris, Principal of the Crimson Global Academy and former Principal of Auckland Grammar as he shares his learnings on the creation of Crimson Education’s online high school.

Learn more about:

  • The fundamentals of online learning
  • Upskilling staff
  • Tips for parents
  • Creating an engaging experience for students

About Sir John Morris
Sir Morris served as headmaster of Auckland Grammar in New Zealand for 19 years. He introduced CIE to students across the country and is a board member of well known education groups including Education NZ and Educators Abroad. He has been knighted for his service to education and he is now the Principal of the newly established online high school, Crimson Global Academy.

Watch the webinar and then scroll down for access to the slides and a list of additional resources. 

How can educators adapt to working online if they are forced to work away from the classroom/workplace?

Given the unprecedented circumstances of coronavirus, here is a list of some online resources educators can use to connect with other teachers, parents and pupils. Download this list of suggested resources, whilst not an exhaustive list it will be a very useful starting point.

Click here to download the slides from the webinar.