For careers of the future, students need degrees of the future

Bond University / 17 January 2020

Every day, we hear that our current students will ultimately work in jobs and professions that have not yet been invented. Already, careers have emerged that didn’t exist five years ago – in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital disruption, robotics, genomics, social enterprises and more. This bold new future calls for a bold new approach to how we prepare the next generation for that future.

The Bond University Transformation CoLab is game-changing; breaking down the traditional stand-alone silos of business, law, arts and sciences. With access to a fully immersive virtual collaboration space, students are not confined to the walls of a classroom; partnering with academics and industry coaches, while working with trans-disciplinary student teams on passion projects to create real solutions to real global challenges.

In addition to this, Bond has also created cross-over Transformation Degrees that blend a chosen study area with the key fundamentals of multiple disciplines in industry led programs that prepare them for the roles of the future. Focusing on core professional skills – problem-solving, design thinking, the ability to drive change, motivate teams and get ahead of the curve – students will learn how to analyse, disrupt and innovate to not just adapt to the future of work but to embrace these changes and lead the charge.

The four new programs available are:

  • Bachelor of entrepreneurial transformation
  • Bachelor of digital transformation
  • Bachelor of health transformation
  • Bachelor of legal transformation

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