Experiment supports single-sex schools

07 June 2016

Small pile of open books with red bookmark ribbon isolated on white background

The Alliance is very pleased to see the results of an ongoing experiment dividing co-ed classes into boys and girls only classes, once again supports the benefits of single-sex schooling.

Evidence from Earnshaw State College, one of a number of State schools in Queensland trialling single-sex classes, reaffirms the advantages to boys and girls of learning in an environment tailored to their gender.

Channel 9 News last night reported the success of the program with boys’ and girls’ academic performance and enjoyment of school improving. It was also reported that success has been so great that demand for places at the school is now coming from parents outside of the school’s catchment area.

These results continue to support single sex schools for girls, not just on the basis of academic results, but due to improved self-confidence, increased leadership opportunities and growth in the pursuit of ‘gender atypical’ areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Alliance President, Fran Reddan, reiterated that single-sex schools give girls and boys the opportunity to be taught in relevant ways to suit their different stages of development.

‘Parents also choose girls’ schools for their safe, nurturing environment; for the quality of pastoral care that is designed specifically for girls; and for the excellent female role models who encourage their daughters to aim high in whichever path they choose to follow,’ said Mrs Reddan.

Professor Alison Booth, Public Policy Fellow at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, reaffirmed the positive affects on academic results in single-sex classes when she said, at the recent Alliance Conference, ‘the evidence is gathering that women in single-gender classes benefit, and they benefit significantly’.

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