Exclusive technology offered in first year of Actura’s Global Robotics Competition

Actura / 16 January 2020

Uniting students from around the globe, Actura’s OneWorld Robotics Competition encourages essential STEAM skills for the future in our youth.

In the next thirty years, mastering STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths) skills will be essential for students to become innovative job creators in our fast-changing society, with 75% of the fastest growing occupations requiring STEAM-related skills. The ability to harness STEAM skillsets will define 21st century leaders.

To this end, Actura, the global leader in STEAM education, robotics & coding, has launched its first global OneWorld Robotics Competition, with Area Competitions commencing in Singapore recently in November 2019.

The competition is the first to incorporate the latest AIoT Technology (ArtificialIntelligence of Things), and brings together hundreds of students from around the world competing to solve problems surrounding the category of “Smart Cities”. Australian Area Competitions begin in Sydney on 23-24 November.

“We are ecstatic to be able to launch our inaugural OneWorld Robotics Competition this year, with the Area Competitions commencing in Singapore,” said Charles Chung, Chief Executive Officer of Actura Australia. “This is an exclusive chance for us to continue to promote essential STEAM skills in the youth of today, to empower them for their futures.”

The OneWorld Robotics Competition is set to challenge students to apply STEAM skills to solve the problems associated with navigating our ‘smart cities’ of the future. Students will hone their STEAM skills including critical thinking and problem-solving in order to find solutions through robotics, and present these to a panel of industry experts.

Subjects to contend with will include transport congestion, pollution, environmental sustainability and over-crowding. The Autonomous Vehicle will be a solution to many of these problems and students will consider the technical, legal, social and ethical solutions, including privacy and cybersecurity risks, through their technical application of robotics and coding.

“We are delighted to be the first to offer AIoT Technology within the bounds of this exciting global robotics competition. Our FlipRobot hardware and software will enable students to access cutting-edge AIoT technology”, said FlipRobot Product Management Manager Kurt Yang.

The Competition Objectives:

  • Challenges students to apply robotic STEAM-related skills to solve real-world problems
  • Inspires students to develop creative problem-solving skills
  • Engages students in collaborative teamwork
  • Utilizes effective communication
  • Encourages agility and adaptability in competitive environment.

The Global Competition in March 2020

All participants’ efforts will be recognised. Students will be awarded certificates of participation recognising the commitment and teamwork required in the months of preparation leading up to the competition. The winning OneWorld Global team will receive a monetary prize of USD 5,000. Winning teams in the Future Skills categories will receive USD 1,000 for each category. The winning team at each area competition will be awarded a full robotic learning classroom set including 20 robotic starter-kits, including hardware, software and professional development.

Established in Australia in 2014, Actura provides the leading STEAM learning solutions for both in-class and out-of-class learning, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei. Actura’s FlipRobot range provides the ultimate robotic STEAM learning solution for the in-class environment.

For more information: www.oneworldrobotics.com