Competition fierce as girls’ schools thrive

The Age / 12 August 2019

As published in The Age.

Alliance Executive Officer Loren Bridge comments on the role of girls’ schools in current society and their continued popularity despite the closure of a small girls’ school in Melbourne.

She said that the vast majority of girls’ schools are going from “strength to strength” and changing demographics and changing leadership are just two of many reasons why enrolments rise and fall.

“Despite a number of boys’ schools becoming co-ed, arguably for financial considerations, girls’ schools continue to maintain their capacities and belief in single-sex education,” she said.

“It is important to consider that the majority of girls’ schools are non-government, fee-paying schools so choice for many parents is limited by financial constraints rather than real preference for co-ed over single-sex schooling.”

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Image courtesy of The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School