Case against co-ed schools

The Weekend Australian / 09 March 2020

The discussion about which kind of education is best continues on in the media, comparing the benefits of single-sex schooling over co-educational schooling.

In this piece Executive Officer Loren Bridge is interviewed for an article in the 2020 Women in Education supplement within The Weekend Australian, in which she supports the many benefits to girls who attend all-girls schools.

Loren Bridge says co-ed benefits boys more than girls. She says five prominent boys’ schools have converted to co-ed in Australia in the past four years, but only one girls’ schools has done so since 2000.”

“Girls’ schools clearly don’t see the same advantages in co-ed environments,” said Loren.

“In a girls’ school you can do anything, you can be anything. You see it every day from your alumni, teachers, instructors and captains.

“Our schools are very focused on social and emotional wellbeing. That’s where a same-sex school comes into its own. Girls feel free to express themselves. In co-ed, girls have been shown time and again to be reluctant to put their hand up, and they don’t get as much attention from the teacher.”

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Image courtesy of The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School.