Australasian girls’ schools bring home global education strategies

Article by Teva Smith - Director of Communications
The Alliance of Girls' Schools / 21 June 2018

Former Westpac CEO and Alliance of Girls Schools’ Australasia patron Gail Kelly presented this week to an audience of 1,000 educators, researchers, and advocates for girls’ education from 23 countries at the three-day Global Forum on Girls’ Education® II in Washington D.C.

This global event sees leaders from 39 girls’ schools across Australia and New Zealand join their international peers to address critical themes in girls’ education.

In light of recent campaigns such as the #metoo movement and TimesUp, empowering girls through education has never been more vital.

Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia Executive Officer Loren Bridge said the global meetings of minds would provide invaluable insights to bring back to Australasian girls’ schools.

‘Girls, now more than ever, are growing up in a pressure-laden, fast-paced, hyper-sexualised environment – and as girls’ schools, we MUST stay ahead of the curve if we are to support girls to become successful and fulfilled young women’, said Ms Bridge.

‘We are thrilled that our patron Gail Kelly spoke at the event on ‘Living a Whole Life’. Gail is an ardent supporter of girls’ schools and proponent for tackling the ongoing issue of gender equality in the workplace.’

‘It is at conferences like the Global Forum on Girls’ Education that experiences and expertise are shared, and connections made so that best practice and innovations in girls’ education can be shared,’ she said.

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia is a strategic partner of the forum. Alliance members are presenting 30 sessions

The event was headlined by international speakers such as Billie-Jean King, Halla Tómasdóttir, entrepreneur, investor, and 2016 Iceland Presidential Candidate, Sylvia Acevedo, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA, and Rachel Simmons, author, educator and co-founder of Girls Leadership.

Conference themes included:

  • Leadership: How do schools and girl-serving organizations deliberately cultivate leadership skills among girls and young women?
  • Innovation: What innovative best practices are energizing the learning experiences of girls around the world and how is current research informing how girls learn best?
  • STEAM: What strategies are most effective for teaching girls and young women STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), design thinking, and problem-solving within and beyond the school walls?
  • Global Partnerships: What are the best ways to encourage girls’ and young women’s political voices and what does it mean to be a “global citizen”?
  • Health & Wellness: What is the role of schools and girl-serving organizations in addressing girls’ and young women’s intellectual and emotional growth?
  • Equity & Inclusion: How do we ensure schools and educational organizations are safe spaces for the expression of differences while also encouraging inquiry, varying opinions, and open dialogue?


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