Apply for the 2021 Alliance Research Grant

Article by Jan Richardson, Director of Research
Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia / 14 September 2020

Applications are now open for the 2021 Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia Research Grant to investigate academic, non-academic and life outcomes for students or graduates of girls’ schools, or pedagogies, programmes and projects designed or tailored specifically for girls attending single-sex schools.

The Alliance offers an annual grant of up to $15,000 (AUD) to assist academic or professional researchers, educational consultants, and teaching or professional staff of girls’ schools, to undertake research specifically relevant to the education or wellbeing of girls at single-sex schools in Australia and/or New Zealand. Applications will be accepted for a single-year project (2021) with a total cost of $15,000 (AUD); a two-year project (2021-2022) with a total cost of $30,000 (AUD); or a three-year project (2021-2023) with a total cost of $45,000 (AUD). Grant payments will not exceed $15,000 (AUD) per year and are conditional upon all agreed research milestones and outcomes being satisfied within the agreed timeframe.

Alliance members have identified three priority research areas:

  1. Academic and non-academic outcomes for girls educated in single-sex schools compared with girls educated in co-educational schools, measured by indicators including, but not limited to: national/international testing results; tertiary entrance scores; participation and achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects; social and emotional wellbeing; bullying and/or sexual harassment; leadership training and opportunities; self-confidence and/or resilience; level of participation in sports and/or other extra-curricular activities.
  2. Academic and life outcomes for women educated in single-sex schools compared with women educated in co-educational schools, measured by indicators including, but not limited to: post-school destinations; level of post-school qualifications; occupation; wages; labour force participation; proportion studying and/or working in STEM fields; proportion in leadership positions including politicians, senior management, executive and/or CEO roles.
  3. Pedagogies, programmes and projects designed or tailored specifically for girls’ in single-sex schools in order to address girls’ academic needs or social and emotional wellbeing including, but not limited to: learning styles, critical thinking, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, STEM uptake, use of technology, gender stereotyping, unconscious bias, confidence, resilience, anxiety, body image, sports participation, and leadership training and opportunities.

Proposals for research projects addressing differences in academic, non-academic and/or life outcomes between girls and/or women from single-sex and co-educational schools should identify whether data will be obtained during the proposed research project (such as new survey or test data) or whether previously collected or published data (e.g., PISA, TIMSS, ATAR, LSAY, NAPLAN and/or other unpublished data) will be used. Projects will only be considered where the available or proposed data directly compares girls or women educated in single-sex and co-educational schools.

Research projects investigating current or proposed pedagogies or programmes designed or tailored for girls in single-sex schools should clearly outline the reasons for the research to be undertaken (such as an issue or challenge that has been identified as of particular relevance to girls’ schools), the proposed study methodology, and how it is envisaged that the project outcomes will be of specific interest or assistance to staff and/or students in girls’ schools.

Applications close 20 November 2020.

Download the 2021 Alliance Research Grant Guidelines and Application Form