Masterclasses | Asia Pacific Summit on Girls’ Education

Masterclasses | Sunday 10 May 2020 | 4.45 pm to 5.45 pm

Title: Key classroom practices that support effective differentiation

Presenter: Dr Carol A Tomlinson

Description: In many ways, differentiation is more common sense than rocket science. Still, it can be difficult to practice from a base of common sense when you’re surrounded by young learners who inject a continual stream of questions and ideas into the classroom mix, in an environment that calls on teachers to make multiple decisions per minute.  This session will focus on five practices that reflect both the aspirations and common sense of differentiation.  Understanding the what, why, and how of student-teacher partnerships, respectful tasks, flexible grouping, highways and exit ramps, and teaching-up provides a basis for effective design of effectively differentiated classrooms that make sense to students and teachers alike.

Title: Lead with your strengths

Presenter: Dr Steve Bagi

Description: Understanding and utilising personal strengths can help leaders to be more fulfilled and effective. Research shows that being strengths-focused results in increased awareness of self and others, a greater sense of self efficacy and helps to build stronger teams.

As preparation for this workshop, participants will be completing the Clifton Strengthsfinder©online survey which will identify their top strengths. This will be followed by the conference workshop where each participant’s results are linked to their personal and leadership effectiveness. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach to leadership, this workshop will help leaders to see how they can become more effective by utilising their own unique strengths.

Steve has facilitated strengths workshops with leadership teams and larger staff groups in Independent schools across Australia.

Title: Transgender policy

Presenter: David Ford – Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers 

Description: A practical policy workshop to guide schools through the steps to develop transgender policy.

Title: Connection, agency, purpose and altruism – A positive new approach towards raising happy, resilient young women. 

Presenter: Danielle Miller – Enlighten Education 

Description: Practical tools to help you better support the resilience and mental health of the young women in your school.