In Alliance is published biannually and distributed to Alliance members, partners and affliates, as well as organisations with an interest in educational issues including media, universities and appropraite government departments. Each edition contains a themed Research Review electronic versions are available to members and in the Research Library.

To order extra hard copies, please email l[email protected]

The October 2016 edition of In Alliance will focus on remarkable women. If your school has a past student that has made a significant contribution to gender equality, women’s leadership or in her field of work then we’d love to include her story. Articles should be submitted by 15 August  2016 to [email protected], please read the submission guide for Vol 57 before submitting your article and photographs.


Volume 56 / April 2016

Entrepreneurship in schools

pdf 1.29 Mb
Volume 55 / October 2015

Closing the gender gap

pdf 1.22 Mb
Volume 54 / May 2015

Innovation and Initiative

pdf 1.26 Mb
Volume 53 / October 2014

Health and Wellbeing

pdf 1.18 Mb
Volume 52 / May 2014

Engaging girls in the creative arts

pdf 1.36 Mb
Volume 51 / September 2013

Mentoring and developing women leaders in our schools

pdf 1.45 Mb
Volume 50 / April 2013

Engaging girls in STEM

pdf 2.14 Mb
Volume 49 / September 2012

Early learning

pdf 2.07 Mb
Volume 48 / April 2012

Girls and Physical Space

pdf 2.45 Mb
Volume 47 / September 2011

Developing Innovation and Creativity

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