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Pulse check: Monitoring student wellbeing in lockdown and beyond

May 13, 2020, 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm, ,
The importance of monitoring the wellbeing of students has never been more critical. But how do you do that while staff and students are learning and working remotely?


Hear from Dr Joe Thurbon, Chief Technology Officer at Educator Impact, as he unpacks the data collected from the trial of their new EI Pulse wellbeing platform and the positive impact having this kind of data could have on your school. He will discuss how are schools tracking and evaluating staff and student wellbeing and what that means for overall school health.


Educator Impact is also generously making EI Pulse available to all Alliance members at no cost for the remainder of 2020. The system helps schools monitor their students’ wellbeing in real-time. Unlike traditional annual wellbeing surveys, it provides a weekly check-in with your students and it is the only solution that enables at-risk students to ask for help if they need it.
Access the offer here.


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