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Lessons from 20 years of leading wellbeing for girls | WEBINAR

October 25, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm, Live Webinar,

In the final webinar of our Mental Health and Wellbeing series, Dannielle Miller OAM, best-selling author, teen educator and media commentator, shares her experiences and expertise from the past 20 years of leading wellbeing development for adolescent girls.

For nearly 20 years Dannielle has been delivering workshops to young women across the country through the company she founded, Enlighten Education, gathering insights from thousands of girls and educators on the challenges faced by tweens and teens in developing self-esteem and self-belief in an increasingly complex world.


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Dannielle Miller is a thought leader and expert in fostering resilience in teens. She’s a major innovator in education and student welfare and has founded Australia’s leading provider of in-school workshops for teen girls, Enlighten Education. As a media contributor on parenting and women’s issues, Dannielle is regularly called upon as an expert commentator. She is an avid blogger and has written for several online and print publications. She is featured in education journals, and is a popular speaker at youth and education  conferences and forums.


Created by experienced educators with a proven track record of success, Enlighten Education is an award winning for-profit social impact business. Their programs help tween and teenage girls* decode the mixed messages they receive and help them develop self-esteem and confidence; they are designed to be delivered in schools and are targeted at students aged 10–18. Their school workshops cover everything from helping young people manage their friendships, to increasing their sense of gratitude, to becoming advocates for social change. Enlighten encourages students to reach their own conclusions and to know their own minds. Rather than telling young people what to do, they focus on informing, inspiring and empowering them. They work to enable students to be discerning consumers and critical thinkers and to find their own voice and power in a complex world. https://www.enlighteneducation.com/about-enlighten/


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