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The 3pm (bad) news bulletin with Dr Judith Locke

February 18, 2021, 11:30 am - 12:10 pm, Virtual event,

Join us for an exclusive members-only webinar with renowned psychologist Dr Judith Locke where she will be presenting, ‘The 3pm (bad) news bulletin.’

When parents pick up or see their children or teens at the end of the school day, it should be a time to reconnect and share each other’s day — both the good and the bad. But often the conversation can be narrowly focussed on the difficulties the child has experienced at school, however minor. Indeed, sometimes a child’s reporting of school, teacher or friendship challenges can be a vital element of parent-child reconnection, particularly if parents are almost looking for issues to solve. This can exaggerate minor challenge or counteract appropriate and effective ways of helping the child overcome their difficulties or disappointments. It also has the potential to impact on the child or teen’s future experience at school and the school’s ability to undertake actions that are in the student’s long-term best interest.

In this 40-minute webinar and Q and A, Dr Judith Locke will look at research and school and clinical experience to further understand the problems in processing school days which sometimes occur between parents and children.  Most importantly, she will discuss some ideas for schools to assist parents alter the conversation and subsequent responses slightly, so it is more helpful to all parties.

About the presenter

Dr Judith Locke is a registered clinical psychologist, former teacher, school counsellor and workplace trainer. She is the director of Confident and Capable, a company specialising in psychological training sessions for parents, children, teachers and organisations, focussing on building student and family wellbeing, both in the short and long term. Judith also provides clinical assistance to families and individuals in her private practice in Brisbane.

Judith’s research at the Queensland University of Technology investigated modern parenting, family wellbeing, and how children and parents interact with academic environments. Her psychological commentary, including a weekly parenting column for The Sunday Mail, features regularly in the media. She is the author of The Bonsai Child and, recently, The Bonsai Student.


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