Providing current research to our members is a strategic priority for the Alliance. We deliver access to valuable resources and anaylsis of the latest research findings relevant to educators of girls. Subscription-only academic research articles, as well as open access articles and reports by governments, universities and major organisations are summarised for members, highlighting themes and topics of particular relevance to the education of girls, including academic performance, mental health, leadership, neuroscience, single-sex education, STEM, wellbeing, and work and careers.

With more than 500 research abstracts, including over 160 related to single-sex education, many of which summarise research from subscription-only academic journals, the Alliance Research Library provides an unparalleled source of information on single-sex education for girls.

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‘My Vital Cycles’: Developing a school-based ovulatory-menstrual health literacy programme for adolescent girls (Roux et al., 2019)

The teaching of ovulatory-menstrual (OM) health in schools is predominantly couched in the language of biology. However, Australian researchers are developing an OM health literacy programme, ‘My Vital Cycles’, for teenage girls aged 13-16 which aims to enhance positive attitudes towards OM health. The programme will also assist girls to…

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The effects of all-girls education in the transition to university (Riggers-Piehl et al., 2018)

A University of California, Los Angles (UCLA) study of nearly 6,000 incoming female university students has found that graduates of all-girl schools are more likely to show higher levels of science self-confidence, consider themselves critical thinkers, score higher on measures of academic habits of mind, and demonstrate stronger study habits…

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Examining sex and school-type differences in Jordanian 4th graders on a national maths exam (Al-Bursan et al., 2019)

A Jordanian study has found that 4th grade girls slightly outperform boys in maths overall, but that girls attending single-sex schools show the biggest advantage in Jordan’s national maths exam outcomes (Al-Bursan, Kirkegaard, Fuerst, Bakhiet, Al Qudah, Hassan & Abduljabbar, 2019, p. 71). Previous studies comparing the achievement scores of…

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