Providing current research to our members is a strategic priority for the Alliance. We deliver access to valuable resources and anaylsis of the latest research findings relevant to educators of girls. Subscription-only academic research articles, as well as open access articles and reports by governments, universities and major organisations are summarised for members, highlighting themes and topics of particular relevance to the education of girls, including academic performance, mental health, leadership, neuroscience, single-sex education, STEM, wellbeing, and work and careers.

With over 400 research abstracts, including over 160 related to single-sex education, many of which summarise research from subscription-only academic journals, the Alliance Research Library provides an unparalleled source of information on single-sex education for girls.

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Position paper for guiding response to nonsuicidal self-injury in schools (Hasking et al., 2016)

A position paper by international experts in nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), including lead author Penelope Hasking from Curtin University (WA), sets out best-practice guidelines for addressing NSSI in schools. The position paper also outlines the importance of a school protocol, the key features that all school protocols should contain, and how…

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Having it all? Adolescent girls’ perceptions of stress in girls’ schools (Spencer et al., 2018)

An American study led by Renée Spencer of Boston University has investigated the relationship between affluence, single-sex schooling and psychosocial distress among adolescent girls. Research has suggested that girls at all-girl schools enjoy advantages over co-educated girls in terms of greater support from teachers and peers (Holmgren, 2014) and protective…

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Social-emotional functioning in kindergarten and early-onset mental health conditions (Thomson et al., 2019)

A Canadian study has found that just over 40% of children enter school with vulnerabilities in social-emotional functioning that are associated with early-onset mental health conditions. Researchers examined the social-emotional functioning profiles of over 34,000 children attending kindergarten (age 5) and to what extent they are related to early-onset mental…

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Motivation and engagement with physics: Girls in single-sex and co-educational classrooms (Abraham & Barker, 2018)

An Australian study examining girls’ motivation and engagement in Year 11 physics in single-sex and co-educational schools has found that girls displayed high confidence levels in their ability to do physics and its usefulness for their future. The girls’ responses also indicated that they enjoyed studying physics, but some differences…

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